Psyllium Husks Fiber 500 mg 500 Vegetable Capsules - Solgar - Code SOL-2316

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Psyllium Husks Fiber 500 mg 500 Vegetable Capsules - Solgar - Code SOL-2316
Psyllium Husks Fiber by Solgar
Solgar Psyllium Husks Fiber - 500 mg - 500 Vegetable Capsules

Psylliumis native to Iran and India and is currently cultivated in thesecountries. The seeds are primarily used in traditional herbal medicine.Psyllium seed husks are mainly used to treat constipation.

Psylliumhas been used in connection with the following conditions (refer to theindividual health concern for complete information):

Science Ratings Health Concerns
Diverticular disease
High cholesterol
Irritable bowel syndrome
Type 2 diabetes
High triglycerides
Ulcerative colitis (to maintain remission)
Parkinsons disease (for constipation)

Weight loss and obesity
Reliable and relatively consistent scientific data showing asubstantial health benefit. Contradictory, insufficient, or preliminarystudies suggesting a health benefit or minimal health benefit. For anherb, supported by traditional use but minimal or no scientificevidence. For a supplement, little scientific support and/or minimalhealth benefit.

Historical or traditional use (may or may notbe supported by scientific studies)In addition to its traditional andcurrent use for constipation, psyllium was also used topically byherbalists to treat skin irritations, including poison ivy reactionsand insect bites and stings. It has also been used in traditionalherbal systems of China and India to treat diarrhea, hemorrhoids,bladder problems, and high blood pressure.

ActiveconstituentsPsyllium is a bulk-forming laxative and is high in bothfiber and mucilage. Psyllium seeds contain 1030% mucilage. Thelaxative properties of psyllium are due to the swelling of the huskwhen it comes in contact with water. This forms a gelatinous mass thatkeeps feces hydrated and soft, provided it is taken with sufficientwater. The resulting bulk stimulates a reflex contraction of the wallsof the bowel, followed by emptying.1

Psyllium is a commoningredient in over-the-counter bulk laxative products. One preliminarytrial found that psyllium seeds relieved constipation when it was dueto lifestyle factors (e.g., inadequate fiber, sedentary lifestyle), butnot when an actual disease was the cause.2 Numerous double-blind trialshave found that supplementation with psyllium can lower totalcholesterol and LDL (bad) cholesterol.3 However, levels of HDL(good) cholesterol are not affected by psyllium supplementation.4 Thecholesterol-lowering effect of psyllium has been reported in children,5as well as in adults.6 Psyllium supplementation has also improved bloodsugar levels in some people with diabetes.7 8 9 The soluble fibercomponent of psyllium is believed to account for this effect.

Ina double-blind trial, people with ulcerative colitis had a reduction insymptoms such as bleeding and remained in remission longer when theytook 20 grams of ground psyllium seeds twice daily with water comparedto the use of the medication mesalamine alone.10 Also, the combinationof the two was slightly more effective than either alone.

Howmuch is usually taken?The suggested intake of psyllium husks to treatconstipation is 1 teaspoon (approximately 5 grams) three times per day.Alternatively, some references suggest taking 26 teaspoons (1030grams) of the whole seeds per daytypically taken in three even amountsthroughout the day.11 This is stirred into a large glass of wate:"":professional. Some people with irritable bowel syndrome feel worsewhen taking psyllium and may do better with soluble fiber, such as infruit. People with an obstruction of the bowel or people with diabeteswho have difficulty regulating their blood sugar should not usepsyllium.13 Side effects, such as allergic skin and respiratoryreactions to psyllium dust, have largely been limited to people workingin factories manufacturing psyllium products.

Are there any druginteractions?Certain medicines may interact with psyllium. Refer todrug interactions for a list of those medicines.
Suggested Use

For adults, two (2) vegetable capsules daily with a minimum of 8 oz. of juice or liquids. Preferably between meals, or as directed.

Free of corn, yeast, wheat, soy, sugar, salt, starch and dairy products and are formulated without the use of preservatives, artificial flavors or colors. Other Ingredients: Vegetable Cellulose, Vegetable Magnesium Stearate, Water. May contain vegetable glycerin.

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